Why virtual tour content marketing?

Jan 26, 2021

360 retail photography

Showcase of a virtual tour of an interior retail space

Because of the current economic environment businesses have been facing, we’ve seen many physical retail stores having to close at a rapid pace than usual. With many of us working remotely from home which results in spending a significant amount of time online, there is no doubt this has also changed our consumer behaviors. This should raise questions to retailers whether their online consumer experience remains relevant.

More and more people have moved from physical shopping to online shopping from their daily shop to clothing etc. How could retailers replace that personal customer touch that we received from their physical location when it comes to online?

Retailers could assist their prospective and current consumers in this digital transition by providing them with virtual tour content of their interior physical space.

It is said that consumers gain enjoyment experience from viewing virtual content due to its immersiveness and presence felt. This also means it increases engagement as consumers will be spending more time on retail sites and as a result, it increases the conversion rate. 

Views4d with google street view

Our virtual tour content have had over 10 million views. Its clear that 360 content in Google Street View helps to increase your business online visibility.

Google Street View help to increase your business online visibility.[/caption] 360 virtual tour on Google Street View[/caption]

According to Google Street View, they found that 62% 2x of internet users find photos of store interiors, store shelves, and product close-ups useful when deciding which retail store to visit. Listings with photos and a virtual tour are 2x more likely to generate interest than those without.

Having done projects in different industries we find that clients have different needs and requirements for the use of virtual tours. Recently museums have used virtual tours to enable visitors to continue exploring museum spaces while spending lots of time at home. With fewer travel tourists could also visit London museums virtually. Churches and places of worship have created their digital twin space to enable worshippers to access and feel present while doing their prayers at home. Hospitality has created virtual tour space to assist their consumer with their purchasing decision. Giving them a chance to try before you buy. This also helped to build trust as consumers can examine their accommodation and amenities as if they are presently there, giving them confidence in their decision making.

virtual tour story telling

WTM 2020 award winners – The most compiled virtual tour technology story.

We enjoy helping businesses to create their virtual spaces and placing them on google so to showcase to their online visitors. As a result of this, the virtual tour content we have created has been viewed by over 10 million people online. With the need for virtual tour technology been fast-forwarded by the current world pandemic, we see our work has just begun. Our mission is to serve current known industries but also to discover new unknown user- cases from other industries.


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