marketing photo for a bed and breakfast

There are a lot of strategies that you can use in marketing your Bed and Breakfast. But in all them, you have to think about creating a video tour for your Bed and Breakfast. Here are some amazing ideas to incorporate into your B&B video.

marketing photo for a bed and breakfast
Photo by Perfect Snacks on Unsplash

If your Bed and Breakfast is near places of interest like golf clubs, tennis courts, stadiums, museums or activities like swimming. It is a good idea to create a video that not only shows the B&B, but also shows the nearby places of interest or activities. Think about it, when people come to London, their minds are not focused on the nice B&Bs, people want to experience London as it portrayed in the media and arts. People want to see Big Ben.

When creating a video for your B&B’s marketing efforts, you need to make sure the lighting is superb. So choose to capture footage that showcases your B&B and the nearby attractions in the best possible footage that will be loved by the type of guests you want to book into your place. Otherwise, if you do not offer a specific activity or event for your guests, you should promote your Bed and Breakfast by showing your guest rooms. You will have to choose the best angle of your room that will make it more appealing to people.

In order to use this video effectively, you have to show the best parts and hide those areas that may not look good on camera. The idea here is to create a clean and neat B&B with the least amount of clutter possible. For example, do not show the kitchen area, common areas or the bathroom. This is because people will check out your B&B from a different perspective on line than they would when visiting in person.

What you need to keep in mind while creating a video tour for your Bed and Breakfast is that it will be watched on line by people who are not in the same place as you at that time. For this reason, you have to use lighting strategically and keep the focus on specific points of interest. If you’re using this video for online booking purposes, make sure that the call to action is placed right at the end of the video.

Distribute your video online on all social media where your business is present. If you can, it is ideal to have 360-degree video and even a complete Virtual Reality Tour of your B&B. The 360-Degree Video is natively supported on YouTube. Whereas the Virtual Tour can always be that section on your website that allows the potential guest to explore your B&B from the comfort of their home.

Here is a sample video to get your creative juices flowing.