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3 Smart Ways to Use 360 Virtual Reality Tours in Marketing for Construction Companies

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Construction is a booming industry with lots of opportunity. But it’s not always easy to get your name out there. But thanks to 360 Virtual Reality or Virtual Tours. You can showcase your construction company’s work and connect with potential clients in an immersive way that goes beyond any other form of advertising or marketing that used for construction companies.

“Your construction company can use 360 virtual reality tours, to give clients a walk through of their proposed projects before they even exists!”

Your construction company can use 360 virtual reality tours, to give clients a walk through of their proposed projects before they even exists! You can show off your skills as a contractor and sell yourself to potential customers without breaking a sweat.

Construction companies are always looking for ways to increase their visibility. With 360 virtual reality tours , you can do just that! Virtual reality is the next big thing in marketing. The technology has been around for a while but now it’s finally affordable. As this article will show, VR can be used to market your construction company and generate more leads.

In this blog post we will discuss some different ideas that you can use for marketing your construction company using virtual reality and extended reality technologies.

  1. Businesses are finding new ways to interact with consumers and develop a following. Virtual reality is one of those mediums that lets you create an experience for your customers in the comfort of their own home or office. You can use VR as a marketing tool by creating interactive content such as simulations of your clients’ projects and posting them online especially on YouTube. This will have two effects, first of all, it will generate hype for your client especially if it is a commercial property like an office building, hotel, museum, arena etc. But most importantly, this will make building investors to search out for you by either googling your company’s name or searching for you on LinkedIn. As such, you need to have those avenues optimised to represent your company well.
  2. 360 Photos make great advertising! You can post updates of your construction work on social media to show off what your company is capable of doing. You want these 360 photos of your construction projects to show off your equipment, your adherence to professional standards and the smartness of your workers. You can go beyond photos, you can as well make 360 videos showcasing your projects. Luckily, platforms like Youtube and Facebook now natively support 360 VR panorama photos and videos.
  3. You can always make virtual tours of your finished projects and you can display them on your website. This way, potential customers can always “visit” your previous projects and see your expertise. You can embed explainer videos inside these virtual tours as well as the option for interested people to book a discovery call with you. What you can embed in your virtual tours is limitless. As a marketer, your imagination is your only limitation concerning how you can use this as a marketing tool for your construction company.

There are so many marketing opportunities for construction companies to use through VR, it’s only up to the companies themselves to choose which of these ideas they want to implement. The possibilities are endless!

As you wrap up this article, I hope you have a clearer idea about how you can use virtual tours to market your construction company online. If you want more information about anything mentioned here, feel free to contact us today!

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