How Virtual Reality Tours Can Ensure Your Construction Company Always Gets Paid on Time

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If you’re a construction contractor and want to know how to get paid on time (and generally avoid the misunderstandings with clients), then perhaps this article about how virtual tours can help construction companies to get paid on time could be the missing piece in your work flow.

“Your construction company can use 360 virtual reality tours, to give clients a walk through of their proposed projects before they even exists!”

Virtual reality for a construction company is not something you hear every day. It is generally thought of as “unreachable” in most construction companies’ budgets. But this is far from the truth as you are about to find out. The common knowledge about virtual reality (VR) is that it’s just for fun, but if you add some creativity and practical application of this technology to your construction company especially in the area of project documentation, you might save money from unforeseen construction errors meaning you’ll get paid on time. By the way, this is all based on two simple ideas.

  1. First of all, if you create real accurate virtual reality models and immerse your clients into the real-life experience of their property, they may identify some things that they want to change such as colours, room dimensions or specific styles of various elements. On many occasions, you may erect a structurally stable model, but because the client is not satisfied with “how something look.” Problems may arise. Creating accurate virtual reality models of your construction projects for your clients before you erect them could save you a lot of unforeseen problems, time and in most cases even money.
  2. Secondly, during the construction process. You can always create virtual tours from 360 panorama pictures detailing the work done at any given period. This can be used in the step-by-step documentation process for your project. These virtual tours showing how far you have gone in a project can be used to speed up the process of getting paid at any given stage of the construction journey. If the stakeholders in the project are located far away or overseas, these virtual tours can be a very valuable asset as you they can be used to keep then updated about how the progress of their project. The overseas investor will always choose a company that offers these step-by-step virtual tours as part of their construction package.

So, how do I create these virtual reality tours and how much do they cost?

To get started, on top of the architectural drawings and structural drawings, make sure to always have detailed BIM models. They are becoming more and more popular world over. BIM (Building Information Modeling) is a method of creating and easily sharing information about the building – it uses data to communicate with clients, subcontractors and suppliers. You will base all your projects virtual reality creation from this model.

The aim is to create 3D virtual reality models as well as animations from your models that will help you and your customer understand each other better. You’ll be able to show them how something works and what it looks like.

The purpose of your construction company using this virtual reality tour model during the construction documentation phase is: “To prevent mistakes and misunderstandings between you, your customer, or subcontractors – at any stage in writing documents like specifications. You can explain issues to your customer BEFORE they have a chance to occur.” You’ll have some new additions into the equipment list such as the Oculus Rift headsets, Position tracking sensors, Motion controllers (controllers that are used for playing games – like PlayStation Move, HTC Vive wands and the Oculus Touch controllers) These will also play an amazing job of wowing your clients

As you erect the structure, you should also constantly create a virtual tour documenting each phase that you complete. This will help you to get paid on time as you complete each phase. It can also serve as a self-audit that you give your clients at the end of each phase of the journey. Below, you will find a fly in video and a sample virtual tours showcasing two different levels of progress of the same construction journey.

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