Nasikia Camps Virtual Tour

Jul 4, 2020

We had a great pleasure working on two of Nasikia camps. One was Tarangire Ndovu Tented Lodge which is situated inside the Tarangire National Park. This is a unique lodge as it gives visitors a few fell of being in the wild and one with nature but also its contemporary deco offer great comfort.

This is a brilliant product for us – it has helped our guests and potential guests to understand all about the accommodations where they will be travelling. It gives clarity, sets expectations and builds trust. Thank you Annastazia for helping us through with all your knowledge and guidance, By Donna Duggan, Nasikia Camps Director.

Madhari Lodge – Manyara Region 

Our Second project for Nasikia Camps was Mandari Lodge which is situated on the outs skirts of Manyara region. It’s very rural and sounded by local villages. Mandhari Lodge offers magnificent views of Lake Manyara and  Mto wa mbu town. Their local residences are huge baboons and beautiful birds. This was a great project for us to do as we enabled prospective visitors of the lodge to view its surroundings to be surrounding prior booking. As the lodge was new we also were able to place it on google map for the first time.

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