When you think about how to market your London restaurant online. But how do you stand out when you are competing with many restaurants in a place such as London. The problem is that you may not know how to go about attracting people and also attracting them in a way which will lead to actual bookings. I am not writing this blog post just to feel the internet and give you some unactionable ideas. The truth is, it is harder to get new customers but much easier to retain existing customers or to get referrals from existing customers.

How to Market a restaurant in London online
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Before I tell you about how to attract more people to your restaurant in London online, I want to tell you about your most important marketing asset as a restaurant in London. Your most important asset is the contacts of your customers. You need to get contact details of those customers so that you can remarket to them through means such as SMS marketing, Facebook messenger marketing or even email marketing. You can market to them all your specials, you can ask them for referrals, you can give them free meals, your imagination is really your only limitation. With this information, you can never run out of traffic to your restaurant. So as you attract customers to your restaurant, you should aim to convince them to leave you with their contact details.

There are various means of attracting customers, and the most popular include:

Advertise on Facebook
Your Facebook page will likely be the most efficient way of attracting customers to your restaurant. Create a Facebook ad which shows off what your restaurant is all about and how lovely it is physically. The pure visual appeal of the advertisement will attract people who may not have otherwise been interested in booking.

Advertise on Foursquare
Foursquare is effective as a way of attracting customers to your restaurant online. It will require you to deal with social media advertisements in a more advanced way, but it can be very worthwhile in the long run.

Create an appealing website
Creating an attractive website which shows off what your restaurant has to offer and how beautiful it looks physically is of the utmost importance. It can really be handy to rely on for attracting customers through search engines who may not have otherwise known that your restaurant is in or near London, but your website will always help you do that especially if you have a virtual tour for your restaurant.

Promote a coupon code or special offer
You can attract customers to visit your restaurant if you create and promote a coupon code or some other kind of special offer. You may be able to give customers a discount or some kind of special deal in order to get them and make them want to visit your restaurant.

Attract customers with your menu
The menu at your restaurant can really attract people if you use it wisely. Have some clear pricing which is easy for potential clients to understand, and you will have much more success attracting customers.

Create a social media presence
Consistently and creatively using social media can be a great way to attract customers to your restaurant. You may want to try attracting new clients through posts on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or any other relevant platform you can think of.

Introduce an app
Customers will be attracted to your restaurant if it has an app. If you have a strong online presence, attracting customers will be easier for you with the help of an app and in app orders.

Offer free samples in person
You can also attract customers by offering free samples in person. They may not discover your restaurant online, but they’ll probably be more likely to visit it when you’re giving out freebies and attracting one-on-one attention.

Run a contest
Run a contest for attracting customers to your restaurant online. You can offer something valuable as the prize and get people interested in learning more about your restaurant.

These are all ways of attracting customers to your restaurant online, but there is no one-size-fits-all method which will work for everybody. You need to get creative and experiment so that you find the winning formula. I hope you got your mind racing with ideas now concerning how to market your London restaurant online.

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