Are you looking for ideas to use as you market your London restaurant? Do you want to increase your restaurant’s customer base and drive more traffic? 360 Virtual tours are an awesome way to show off your restaurant as you advertise it in London. They allow potential customers to get a feel for the atmosphere, and see what they may be missing out on if they don’t visit soon enough. In this blog post, we’ll go through 10 ideas that will help you create killer virtual tours to use as you market your restaurant in London!
Here are some awesome ways that virtual tours can be used for your restaurant’s marketing efforts:

  1. Show off the interior of your restaurant in detail. Maybe while they’re looking at pictures on their computer, customers will start daydreaming about coming over for dinner.
  2. Take them through the kitchen. They’ll be able to see all of your equipment and appliances, as well as get a sense for how clean you keep it.
  3. Show off the dining room from different angles. Be creative with this. One view can be from the inside showing the what it feels like to sit on the table inside, another view can showcase the outside detailing the patio.
  4. Use your virtual tours to show off the best features of your location: a beautiful view, an outdoor dining area with waterfalls and fire pits, cozy nooks for couples.
  5. It’s great advertising! You can post it on social media to show off what you offer without requiring people to visit in person. Luckily, platforms like Youtube and Facebook now natively support 360 VR panorama photos and videos.
  6. Include a virtual tour on your website so you can always have it available for potential customers who are browsing online at home or work.

-In case you want to get more creative, you can allow customers to book and even pay within the 360 virtual tour of your London restaurant. You can embed your website’s shopping cart as a pop HTML element within your virtual tour.

As you can see, virtual tours can give you that edge when marketing online so potential customers don’t have to drive all the way out to your restaurant.

The possibilities really are endless with this marketing technique, especially when combined with other promotional strategies such as traditional advertising and community involvement! You will eventually start to see customers who walk into your restaurant start giving you a lot of blind referrals simply telling others about your restaurants’ virtual tour.

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