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ReverseAds is an evolution of keyword advertising built to roadmap the entire buyer’s journey post-search. We allow brands to be everywhere the buyer is until they purchase at a fraction of the cost of search advertising.

Rather than investing endlessly in an “impulse medium” that sits at the beginning of the consideration process, as buyers do with Google Ads, we empower media teams to diversify their budgets and truly deliver across the entire roadmap “below the surface” level of search.

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ReverseAds is an evolution in search advertising, for considered brands, using artificial intelligence, to serve ads to high intent buyers, based on their high intent keywords, at a fraction of the cost.

Ad Channels


Decrease in CPA


Cheaper than Google Ads



ReverseAds keyword assignment algorithm identifies every individual searching for a product or service, plots their path to purchase, and tracks them throughout the entire buyer journey.



We adhere to a cookieless tracking system that protects all users’ privacy. Only information relevant to the buyer’s journey is used, no tracking of website histories or match backs to individuals.


ReverseAds ditches the highly competitive (and extremely overpriced) bidding process in favor of a fixed CPC solution that can save you up to 50% of your current costs for Google Ads.


By finding each customer and plotting their non-linear path to purchase, we allow you to advertise to them everywhere they go online at any stage. This gives your business exponential chances to convert.


Considered purchase brands using ReverseAds outperform search advertising 3 to 1 in total cost per acquisition. (Yes, that’s an average 300% CPA decrease for considered purchase brands!)


ReverseAd’s keyword advertising solution is the only real alternative to the complacency of overspending with traditional search and its “impulse buy-only” limitations.

Answers to Your Questions

What makes ReverseAds different from other digital advertising services?

What sets ReverseAds apart from other online advertising services is our ability to deliver keyword Intent advertising at 50% the cost of AdWords through a new media methodology we like to call Acquisition Retargeting.

ReverseAds vs Search Ads?

Search Ads are text-based ads placed next to 5 competitors with only one chance to obtain the customer with an irrational bid based pricing. ReverseAds delivers millions of banner ad impressions to follow the same people who we have identified to have keyword purchase intent for 30 days until they engage. All at 50% the cost of moving them to your property.

How does ReverseAds obtain our data?

We created a data mining process to identify every company in the world with the highest probability of being at an evolution point (based on growth or an event at the company) where they would engage in discussions around Oracle software. The data continued to evolve, our founders being focused on creating an entire digital footprint for all of the U.S. & Canada. With the data mining logic of Oracle and over 250 consumer data partnerships from Valassis, the process of Acquisition Retargeting and ReverseAds was born.

ReverseAds identifies specific keyword intent through:

  • Historical searches for the 12% of searches outside of Google.
  • Exit points when consumers leave Google and move to ad exchanges (inferred search terms).
  • Exit points when consumers leave social platforms and move to ad exchanges (inferred search or click terms).
  • Over 100 active data partnerships for both online and offline (email lists, etc.) for consumer recency engagement data attached to keywords.

Do you guarantee your performance?

Absolutely! ReverseAds guarantees 200% performance of any AdWords buy. We guarantee 200% traffic, clicks or 50% the CPC. Conversions are driven by the quality of landing pages and offers.

How is ReTargeting a scalable way to get new customers?

Acquisition ReTargeting focuses solely on new customers who have never visited your site and have demonstrated intent for your offer via search, social, ad exchanges, or even offline lists, etc. Our method creates an audience 200% the size of any search audience due to the higher variety of intent identification.

How it Works


Competitive Acquisition

We identify competitors then redirect it to your site on a fixed CPC basis.

ReverseAds automatically uncovers everything your competitors do online and let you analyze and explore through
a simple, competitive grid interface to apply corresponding creative strategies that move users to your website and

Social ReTargeting

RAD Social ReTargeting can achieve unmatched performance across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter by tracking and
identifying the specific interest of each shopper’s complete web journey and real-time purchase intent, from mobile and in-app to desktop.

A unique function of the Social ReTargeting program is we are simply identifying when the first purchase intent took place on a social property and are then able to retarget the user seamlessly in and out of social media on a CPC basis.

Search ReTargeting

With RAD Search Retargeting, marketers can avoid bidding on the most expensive keywords and get in front of people who are researching your brand, product or services.

We serve dynamic ads to users until they click based on specific keywords searched in any time period following 24 hours.
of the actual search across several engines.

Acquisition ReTargeting

Traditional ReTargeting is focused solely on loyalty and follows users who land on your web properties with banner ads. ReverseAds, Acquisition ReTargeting, focuses solely on new users who have never visited your site by onboarding PII data of all keyword intent users and following them with banner ads until they engage and move to your web properties.

Acquisition ReTargeting uses the effectiveness of traditional retargeting by following identified intent customers for 30 days and combining it with the recency and specificity of search advertising in a manner that outperforms AdWords by 200%.


Marketo expands global influence and generates more than 1000 MQL per month


As a leading global CRM competitor to Salesforce and Oracle, Marketo turned to ReverseAds to increase brand awareness in key geographic markets, Australia, APAC, and North America. Marketo also needed to improve the quality of their leads so that conversion rates could increase and the CPL could be reduced. The goal was to ensure that their global sales force consistently had a pipeline of leads with exact decision maker titles, in order to scale their business and maintain high conversion rates.


ReverseAds started by data-mining every qualified decision-maker and influencer within Marketo’s entire specified geographic segment. ReverseAds proprietary algorithm identifies the consumers that have shown high intent in purchasing CRM services, enabling Marketo branded ads to follow those users with specific decision-making power everywhere across the web and social media on all of their devices.

These decision-makers were served a series of escalating inbound pieces of content that were unique at every step of the buyer’s journey. We scored the audience based on intent, focusing on decision-makers with the highest intent.


“ReverseAds delivered over 1,000 fully qualified MQL’s per month with exact decision maker titles, and company size ranges. Delivered at $54 under our CPA goal, total of 78% reduced cost per lead compared to Google Adwords Campaign”
– Marketo’s VP of Marketing

ReverseAds continues to deliver over 1,000 MQL’s every month. As part of the ReverseAds campaign:

● Over 1,000 qualified leads per month

● 78% reduction in cost per lead.

● 85% reduction in CPA over 60 days.

● Ability to scale across more regions reducing the CPA at the same time

Northern California Subway locations achieved a 77% growth in sales


As a corporate marketing strategy Subway has been decreasing its advertising spend since 2013. In 2019, they spent $459 million on advertising. However, sales are also on the decline. Subway turned to ReverseAds to find a more cost-effective digital solution to increase their ROI and eventually increase their sales.


The 90-day pilot campaign was prepared for 8 different Subway locations In Northern CA. This location was chosen as the one with the highest number of Subway locations in the US (2,400+) allowing us to gauge results when compared to other locations in CA. Ordering food online is habitual. As a first step, we used the highest performing, geo-localized keywords that successfully drove traffic. We then applied the ReverseAds algorithm to identify the users’ machine IDs showing repetitive actions in purchasing online and engaged them by serving dynamic ads across all of their devices along their web journey.


In just 3 months, ReverseAds helped Northern California Subway locations increase sales by an average of 77% when compared to the previous year. Subway locations running the ReverseAds campaign outperformed locations not running campaigns by: – 276% increase in Traffic – 187% increase in ROI – 54% reduction in CPC – 25% increase in the lifetime value of newly acquired.

RE/MAX increased ROI on keyword spending while decreasing their total CPL for Chicago-based realtors


As a leader in the real estate industry, Re/Max was struggling to see an ROI on their highest volume keywords due to the prices being driven up by competitive bidding. This resulted in a reduction in house viewings in Chicago.


RE/MAX allocated 50% of their Chicago Search Advertising budget to a ReverseAds 90-day campaign. The focus was to improve the results generated by the top 100 keywords that traditionally drove the highest volume of viewings. Using our ReverseAds assignment algorithm, we tracked the people that utilized these keywords throughout the web, and followed these users across searches, social media, and all of their connected devices in order to determine purchase intent and serve optimized ads.


As a result of the 90-day ReverseAds campaign, Re/Max reduced their search advertising budget by 75% while also decreasing their total cost per lead (CPL) for realtors in Chicago. This led to 754 new home viewings and a 57% reduction in CPL over the 90-day trial period.

● 75% reduction in the search advertising budget

● 57% reduction in CPL

● 754 new home viewings booked

● Decreased CPA by over $26

19 Benjamin Moore locations achieved a 67% Increase in ROI in just 60 days


Benjamin Moore’s traditional market share was disrupted by competition with much cheaper products coming mainly from China. This required Benjamin Moore to increase their digital effort on both a corporate and franchise level. The challenge was to increase their ROI while reducing the CPA at the same time. We were able to achieve this by focusing on the precise target audience and delivering the right message.


The 90-day pilot campaign was prepared for 19 independent Benjamin Moore retailers in Canada. ReverseAds proprietary inference algorithm enabled us to identify the users who have shown high purchase intent in Benjamin Moore products based on high-performing keywords within a 10-mile radius of their location. In addition, ReverseAds applied a B2B account-based marketing strategy, using our own data mining capabilities and partnerships with big data companies. This allowed us to identify the right decision-makers within the companies who were the right fit for Benjamin Moore and were ready to buy.

That precise target audience was served a series of escalating inbound pieces of content that were unique at every step of the buyer’s journey. The audience we scored based on intent and the focus was on the ones with the highest intent.


● 80% reduction in CPA over 60 days.

● 67% increase in ROI compared to non-participating locations.

● Over 27,000 clicks in 60 days.

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